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We’re moving!

Hello and welcome to our blog.

First of all, if you came here from a Google+ page, please be aware that these two people are NOT us. We are NOT “Dima Antonov” or “Hsushao Jane”, they are impersonators.

Secondly, we’re moving soon to Blogger due to their better options for how the blog works, and the updated project name since the change to SMB3 – Sonic & Mario at the Mushroom World – we’re keeping Sonic Boll as a nickname though.

See you there soon. – ReNeX and MetalHog, the true and only Sonic Boll Team

New project: “Mario & Sonic at the Mushroom World”



The game has started its development on the new enviroment (SMB3 instead of SMB), changing its name from “Sonic & Mario at the Minus World” to “Mario & Sonic at the Mushroom World“. We believe that this change was something really positive to the project development, because Sonic Characters seems to react better with the ramps and vertical exploration of the stages from Super Mario Bros. 3.

The reboot of the project started on the second week of February 2012.

We’re getting closer to a new release! Check the discussion thread for the most updated information.

Sonic Boll 11 Beta 5 release

We are on a hard work to make Sonic Boll 11 a great advance from its previous version. We have now more characters, more stages, more skinning options and even a BOT player.  Try it out and help us to develop this project on Exploding Rabbit Forums.

Download Beta 5 Version!

To create a Sonic Skin, on the title screen press F3 to export and F4 to import.

Sonic Boll 11 beta 1 released!

We are proud to announce the release of Sonic Boll 11 beta 1!

link to the forums: Exploding Rabbit – Sonic Boll Thread

If you want to help develop the project, you can join the forums! We are a friendly community and any help is greatly appreciated.

Nota: Eu também falo português se vc quiser me contatar lá.

New video: 2 Player Battle Mode Coming!

Sorry for the video quality. We’ll bring you soon more information about the development of the new version. As you can see Knuckles, Fire Sonic and Metal Sonic are new characters.

This is just to give you a feel of what is coming.

1 player is good. 2 player is even better…

Sonic & Mario at the Minus World is the continuation of the Sonic Boll Project. It is an 8-bit style Sonic the Hedgehog in the environment of Super Mario Bros.

Download the version 10!

Use the tabs at the top for navigation. Here you`ll find the latest news about the project and its updates.

Stay tuned! Sonic Boll 11 is about to be released with more characters, PvP Competition, Sonic 2 Classic VS Mode, Speedrun Assist Tools and even CTF  VS Mode!


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