Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.2 is here!

Download Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1 had a few bugs, so we are releasing 1.6.2 instead!


* Changes since v1.6.0 *


* added new icon
* added worlds 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4
* added 20 skins to the bundle!
* added a selection sound to player skins
* added a boss music slot to world skins
* added a skin sheet with the shield sprites
* added smoke and score pings to master sheet
* added new flag sfx and character fireball sfx
* added missing visual effects
* added fireworks!
* fixed master sheet palette
* fixed some animation alignment and speed inconsistencies
* updated player spritesheets with more frames and fireball sprites
* updated volume of score counting sound

[Bugs fixed]

* fixed missing sound effects
* fixed invisible enemies
* fixed new screenshots overwriting previous ones
* fixed a couple of joystick bugs
* fixed numerous skin system bugs
* fixed very slow music loading at game start
* fixed music conflicts during stage ending and pipe sequences
* fixed high memory usage
* fixed slowness on world 1-2
* fixed a couple of crash situations related to pausing
* fixed some error messages caused by missing content
* fixed object properties and placement errors on some stages
* fixed stage restarting on battle mode timeout
* fixed broken beanstalk sequence and coin heaven
* fixed some time counting bugs
* fixed collision on the underside of moving platforms

[Code and Design]

* added ability to use the same character in different skins in multiplayer
* added a new stage select screen with more options
* added a new split screen for battle mode results, with battle points
* added fireballs to all characters
* added ability to define sub-skins to be loaded in specific stages
* added point combo sequence to star power
* updated flag time counting and stage ending sequence to finish faster
* added another battle contest to avoid ties
* updated character abilities to make the game more balanced
* updated water physics

[Engine Technology]

* added tas movie recording and playback
* added a neat window closing animation

Sonic Boll 1.6.1 is close

We’re working on the 1.6.1 update, the last 2016 version of Sonic Boll. What do you want to see done first? We created a poll to gauge community interest, since after 1.6.1 there will be a small pause on development as we focus on other projects.

Vote now!

Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.0 Released!

Download Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.0

The first beta preview of the new generation of Sonic Boll! This is a beta test, so be prepared to see weird things.

* Changes since v1.1.9 *


* new logo art
* new interface design and a better font
* high quality music rips
* reorganized skin sheets for easier skinning
* portuguese translation
* spanish translation
* animation timing and alignment fixes

[Bugs fixed]

* knuckles dying sideways on coin heavens
* total coin bug 100+ coins in battle mode
* music conflicts with hurry/pipes/starman
* fix problems with moving item blocks

[Code additions and changes]

* optimize collisions
* review item animation
* port dynamic roster engine from 1.4
* port options screen from 1.4
* four player support
* lives, continue and game over for single player mode
* review moving platform code
* time to score conversion after flag
* limit coin blocks to 13 coins

[Design changes]

* review instashield parameters
* balancing changes to knuckles and tails

[Engine Technology]

* double buffering for stable image
* language system
* optimize file system and load times
* translation support
* sound skinning
* fmod sound engine
* sdl gamepads
* new input system for dynamic roster
* review split screen layout / method
* review skin engine
* separate world from player sound skins
* preload music to avoid hiccups
* skin selection screen and functionality

[Removed features]

* slopes on wood blocks
* super-peel-out
* Ashura & Fire Sonic
* elemental shields (for now)
* Bowser (currently being redone)
* Mecha Sonic (currently being redone)

Sonic Boll 1.6 Update Coming Soon!

If you’re confused, check out the Development History.



After a long time trying to make this dream come true, we’re going to make a definitive update for Sonic & Mario @ Minus World | Sonic Boll Project with all stages and enemies from the Super Mario Bros NES Game. We will pull in new features from versions 1.2 through 1.5 to improve user experience.  We’re calling this reboot “Sonic Boll Classic”.

Sonic Boll Classic will be born from the ashes of version 11.9, on Game Maker 8.1. You probably already know this version (and if you don’t, waste no time and try it! :)). We want a fully functional game we can call “Complete”, without broken characters and missing content.

Our philosophy is to make something achievable, but still good, which is better than trying to achieve the impossible. To do this, we are going to drop partially implemented and detrimental features in order to create a clean game. Fire Sonic and Ashura have been discarded, as they are fan-characters and broken in gameplay.

Stay tuned as we publish updates in this blog.

If you want to join us, find us here!

About an old YoYoGames Sandbox link you may have seen…

A long time ago someone posted Sonic Boll to the YoYoGames Sandbox.

That wasn’t us. It was a fan that wanted to help. But he did more harm than good as the version that was put there got locked up with the closure of the Sandbox and there was no way to update or remove it.

Now, many people believe the sandbox version is the correct one and that Sky131 made the game, when actually that’s all wrong. We are making an active effort to get that fixed by requesting deletion of the Sandbox page and spreading the word about this website. You can help by telling your friends about this.

So here’s a reminder that the correct versions are those downloaded from this page or New Game+.

You still can find us!

We quitted to move to the Blogspot URL, but we’re still alive!

See you there!



New project: “Mario & Sonic at the Mushroom World”



The game has started its development on the new enviroment (SMB3 instead of SMB), changing its name from “Sonic & Mario at the Minus World” to “Mario & Sonic at the Mushroom World“. We believe that this change was something really positive to the project development, because Sonic Characters seems to react better with the ramps and vertical exploration of the stages from Super Mario Bros. 3.

The reboot of the project started on the second week of February 2012.

We’re getting closer to a new release! Check the discussion thread for the most updated information.

Sonic Boll 11 Beta 5 release

We are on a hard work to make Sonic Boll 11 a great advance from its previous version. We have now more characters, more stages, more skinning options and even a BOT player.  Try it out and help us to develop this project on Exploding Rabbit Forums. 


Download Beta 5 Version!

To create a Sonic Skin, on the title screen press F3 to export and F4 to import.


Sonic Boll 11 beta 1 released!

We are proud to announce the release of Sonic Boll 11 beta 1!

link to the forums: Exploding Rabbit – Sonic Boll Thread

If you want to help develop the project, you can join the forums! We are a friendly community and any help is greatly appreciated.

Nota: Eu também falo português se vc quiser me contatar lá.

New video: 2 Player Battle Mode Coming!

Sorry for the video quality. We’ll bring you soon more information about the development of the new version. As you can see Knuckles, Fire Sonic and Metal Sonic are new characters.

This is just to give you a feel of what is coming.

1 player is good. 2 player is even better…