Level Contest Results

We were very happy with the outcome of this contest! Even though no level was perfect, we didn’t expect to get so many good levels, so it really came as a surprise to all of us. We’re also very thankful for SnoruntPyro’s support during this contest. Having her as a guest judge really was an honor to us.

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Sonic Boll 1.9.3 Update

Download Now! (215MB)

This update has a METRIC TON of bug fixes and lots of new level objects and features! Most importantly, we fixed all of the crashes and skin bugs.

Changes since v1.9.2


  • added a ‘modded’ flag to make game modding easier
  • added a special stage editor
  • added bollwave mode back due to popular demand
  • added character unlocking hints
  • added a move command list to the pause screen
  • added custom menu music option
  • added better previews for a lot of lemon objects
  • added option to turn off lemon quicksave
  • added portable mode by making a portable.txt file
  • added better cursor sprite
  • added better menu background
  • added soft blocks (item box content option)
  • added donut platforms (platform type)
  • added single bullet bill
  • added sideways springs
  • added stone block (they also float in water!)
  • added skull blocks (activate when you die in a stage)
  • added on/off blocks
  • added talk blocks
  • added lone shell lemon object
  • added delfruit lemon object
  • added jump refresh lemon object
  • added lone item lemon object
  • added misc. new options for some lemon objects


  • added kid bow lag option to player skin
  • added infinite time for lemon levels
  • added option to merge walk and run for a 12 frame walk cycle
  • added option to swap walk and run animations
  • added loop points to player skin icons
  • added option not to stagger ground tiles
  • added special stage exceptions
  • added player skin boll.png to use a texture on the special stage sphere
  • added credits music to world skin
  • added option to pick bundles in lemon
  • added small tired tails and small tails swimming
  • added the ability for level packs to have as many special stages
  • added bush and hill anchors, removed them from the master sheet

[Bugs fixed]

  • fixed crashes when the user folder had cyrillic characters
  • fixed crash when unlocking the kid
  • fixed the level skipping/reordering problems
  • fixed language files not loading if you had the example in the folder
  • fixed stroboflashing while the game is closing down
  • fixed 1×1 mushroom and tree blocks
  • fixed warp pipes not going to their regular destination in multiplayer
  • fixed a lot of problems with ground collision code
  • fixed items shooting strangely out of blocks
  • fixed weird controls when coming out of special stages
  • fixed missing screen fades
  • fixed weird ghost and stuck buttons sometimes
  • fixed weird softlocks when you had corrupt replay files
  • fixed replay desyncs due to not saving shards and tokens
  • fixed ashura spawning waterfalls underwater
  • fixed bloopers and fish being affected by springs
  • fixed boss jumping through ceilings and getting stuck
  • fixed some jump into the ceiling bugs
  • fixed multiple problems with lemon thumbnails
  • fixed music resetting if you entered a special stage with a star
  • fixed red coins when you use more than 8 in a level
  • fixed princess retainers only working right once
  • fixed 1up blocks not remembering if they have been hit before
  • fixed alignment of checkpoint poles
  • fixed anniversary mode menu softlock
  • fixed crashes related to bumping koopas with blocks
  • fixed camera region bugs
  • fixed bumper physics
  • fixed world skin exceptions
  • fixed camera not properly seating horizontally after a warp
  • fixed crash trying to play the game after testing a bundle skin in lemon
  • fixed crash when selecting a character in a bundle that has no player skins
  • fixed enemy collision with semisolids
  • fixed invisible retainers
  • fixed issues relating to pausing in special stages
  • fixed knuckles digging through item blocks and getting trapped in walls
  • fixed knuckles digging through moving platforms
  • fixed luigi’s underwater ground pound
  • fixed many issues regarding spike hitboxes and trap spike behavior
  • fixed mario and luigi tposing when coming through down pipes
  • fixed mario jumping in a crouch state after landing from a wall kick
  • fixed characters getting stuck when green springed between blocks
  • fixed mecha zipping up phasers
  • fixed movie crashes when movie has skipped stages
  • fixed multiple bugs with the lemon skin picker
  • fixed music fading out on pit death
  • fixed mystery missing player skin bug
  • fixed mystery multiplayer camera bug
  • fixed pipe object tiling
  • fixed stanley’s puff capturing players after the flagpole
  • fixed skin update bugs between stages when using exceptions
  • fixed princess retainer crashes
  • fixed red koopas sometimes failing to turn around at ledges
  • fixed replays always playing base music
  • fixed replay slow motion
  • fixed replays always playing base music
  • fixed shells not reacting to stanley’s puffs
  • fixed shells shooting at a weird angle if you turned around before kicking
  • fixed special stages disappearing when you pause
  • fixed some character sound effects persisting into special stages
  • fixed stanley’s upward puffs getting stuck in walls in front of him
  • fixed stanpuff not always using all frames of animation
  • fixed more exotic surface errors
  • fixed bundles in multiplayer mode
  • fixed the kid being able to restart at will during a multiplayer bundle
  • fixed the kid being unable to restart from pit deaths in a multiplayer bundle
  • fixed the kid getting 10 time points at the end of stages
  • fixed the kid getting bonus rings from no bonus checkpoints
  • fixed the kid getting stuck on blocks after the flagpole
  • fixed the kid stomping other characters like mario
  • fixed item blocks refusing to spit items into semisolids
  • fixed item blocks respawning in single player
  • fixed piranhas colliding with springs
  • fixed being able to cancel momentum from springs by releasing the jump button
  • fixed sideways pipes not using water palette

[Code and Design]

  • removed backwards long jump
  • removed mario’s drill stomp
  • changed amy’s design
  • mecha hand can now activate axes
  • added a dash to the kid
  • minor ui improvements to most screens
  • added a fire dash to sonic
  • spikes have solid bases now
  • turning off bowser’s fire also prevents castle fireballs now
  • the replay will now save the moment you hit the princess retainer
  • stomped red paratroopas now stick to ledges normally
  • special stages cycle even if you fail them now
  • knuckles kicks shells now if he climbs down from a wall into them
  • vertical camera movement is smoother now
  • carried shells will now collide with and kill other enemies
  • characters are now slightly slower while walking underwater
  • characters can now gain hyperspeed from rolling down slopes
  • coins now have a shelf life of 1800 frames. please return your expired coins.
  • flying cheeps die in one bullet now
  • hammer bros have had their movement code reviewed again
  • sonic can now run over water if he’s going fast
  • you can no longer enter red camera regions from the sides or bottom
  • kid becomes invincible when touching checkpoints now
  • some characters can charge their spindash with the b button now
  • knuckles will climb slowly underwater now
  • sonic and amy can no longer cheat lava with instashields
  • mario can no longer double jump more than once after leaving the ground
  • lemon editor quicksave is less intrusive
  • princess retainers are converted to regular retainers when using quickplay
  • pulleys reset themselves when left alone
  • raised the camera a bit so you can see where you’re going in the special stage
  • random item blocks re-roll when respawning in multiplayer
  • shells can now activate axes
  • shells kicked by the kid will now break coins like glass
  • when a boss dies that will now remove its projectiles

[Engine Technology]

  • game is smaller now
  • collisions optimized by like 30%
  • optimized liquid block collision
  • slowdowns due to usb joysticks has been fixed
  • replay screen loads way faster now
  • quickplay takes less of an eternity
  • removed curse words from the code
  • cleaned up script argument and argument count usage
  • cleaned up string quotes
  • cleaned up directory variables to enforce trailing backslash
  • cleaned up instance creation in with blocks
  • you can now close the debug console with esc

Update 1.9.2 Available Now!

Download Now! (158MB)

This update brings a LOT of bug fixes and some new features! We’ve optimized the game a lot thanks to Floogle’s amazing new Game Maker 8.1 patcher, so it should run faster! Also, we added special stages. they’re cool.

Changes since v1.9.1


  • added special stages – collect a shard and touch a checkpoint!
  • added automatic window zoom mode


  • added new hammer bro sprites
  • added per-level bundle world skin exceptions
  • changed where energy bars are in player skins
  • added new token coin sprites
  • fixed small tails swimming sprites
  • fixed small luigi sprites

[Bugs fixed]

  • fixed startup problems when the cache path has special characters
  • fixed a bunch of minor problems with the menus and interfaces
  • fixed blue camera region behavior
  • fixed boss music overlapping if you restarted as the kid
  • fixed bowser boss walking on top of axes
  • fixed buggy lemon floodfill undo
  • fixed characters controlling after dying of time over inside of a pipe
  • fixed quickplay with controllers
  • fixed crushing death detection
  • fixed fastpipe ball animation
  • fixed garbage graphics around multiplayer cameras
  • fixed item boxes not respawning in multiplayer
  • fixed keyboard reset when savestates or room transitions occur
  • fixed knuckles killing enemies aboveground while digging
  • fixed lakitu not respawning
  • fixed lakitus not staying at the height they’re placed at
  • fixed missing language errors
  • fixed random item blocks not respawning in multiplayer
  • fixed releasing the jump key stopping swimming momentum
  • fixed skin errors when a player deselects a character
  • fixed stanley knockback animation
  • fixed strange resolution glitches
  • fixed tails visually shrinking with his own bomb knockback
  • fixed the kid’s firing pose sprite being a purple square
  • fixed the kid’s reset music bugs
  • fixed the kid’s solo replays not correctly loading aiwanna mode
  • fixed tiling of connected up & down pipes
  • fixed tiling of water blocks
  • fixed weird skin mixing issues when skins aren’t complete

[Code and Design]

  • added a hammer slam move to amy
  • added a hitbox to ashura’s bounce
  • added the ability to kill podoboos with a starman for 8000 points
  • changed cheep cheeps to toss the kid in the direction they are facing
  • changed flying cheeps to have a 33% chance to go to a random direction
  • removed mario’s ability to spinjump on firebars
  • removed 4:3 mode as it was buggy

[Engine Technology]

  • added floogle’s solution for the pc sleeping when you only use controllers
  • added new font renderer – fixes accented character issues in custom languages
  • massively optimized drawing – the game should run faster for everyone

[Known Issues]

  • if you save a state, change screen size and then reload, the window flickers

Sonic Boll 1.9 available now!

Download Now! (111MB)

The long awaited update is finally done!

Changes since v1.8


  • ashura, stanley and the kid
  • a fully featured level editor
  • quick play button
  • new menus and options
  • slightly modified levels
  • you can use joysticks on the menus now
  • up to 8 different joysticks supported (4 players only)
  • all-new character moves
  • mirror mode
  • dev console
  • statistics
  • new options for multiplayer battle
  • fuckloads of new objects
  • improved language system with support for custom fonts
  • you can now pin your favorite skins and it actually works this time i promise


  • massively improved skinning
  • music skins
  • level packs
  • bundles which combine all 3 skin types into a mod package
  • added new particles and effects
  • music loop data and background properties are now specified on the filenames
  • a lot of new tiles in the master sheet
  • automatic fast music skin option
  • tons of new player skin settings
  • new world skin decoration anchor system
  • you can include a text file in place of a sound file to make it silent
  • font skinning is supported now

[Bugs fixed]

  • fixed window size, filtering and aspect ratio problems
  • fixed slopes
  • fixed replays
  • fixed joystick input
  • fixed all tiling bugs
  • fixed crashes when closing the game
  • fixed character animations
  • fixed player skin offset bugs
  • fixed bugs with upside down shells
  • fixed bugs in enemy collision
  • fixed purple rectangle bugs
  • fixed object palette issues
  • fixed bugs with mecha chain
  • fixed bugs with underwater character moves
  • fixed camera bugs
  • fixed bugs when collecting items
  • fixed wall zooping
  • fixed non-existing surface errors
  • fixed hitbox sizes
  • fixed string comparison crashes
  • fixed level order bugs
  • fixed how knuckles reflects projectiles

[Code and Design]

  • adjusted several character attack hitboxes
  • mecha can now moonwalk by holding B
  • mario and luigi can now carry and kick, kick up and place down shells
  • pulleys and falling platforms will now respond to how heavy each character is
  • kicked shells will collect coins for you
  • added red coin challenges to checkpoints
  • sped up screen transitions
  • adjusted character physics for a more genuine feel
  • springs work more like sonic now
  • bridges are semisolid
  • smooth firebars

[Engine Technology]

  • massive game engine optimizations and cleanup, so it’s easier to mod
  • added coyote time and jump buffering to make gameplay feel more precise
  • the game is now compatible with game maker 8.1.92
  • added workarounds for buggy onboard graphics
  • slightly better fullscreen synchronization
  • game will now fill the whole screen when aspect ratio difference is small
  • the game no longer depends on installation of directx stuff on windows 10

[Known Issues]

  • if you save a state, change screen size and then reload, the window flickers

We have a twitter

We have a twitter

We have a twitter!

Sonic Boll Zero

Download Now! (3MB)

Update: April fools! Zero is still a neat game by itself, but we’re not rebooting the project again.

Original article below.

We’re proud to announce that we’re rebooting Sonic Boll!

With Sonic Boll Zero, we’re going back to the roots with the design and concept. Hop into the world of classic Super Mario Bros. with either Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog!

With this reboot and further updates we’ll bring this game closer to its initially intended purpose which is to be the ultimate Sonic in Super Mario Bros. experience. Try it out and give feedback on our Discord server.

[version 0.0]

– added sonic
– added new moves to mario including the famous wall-kick
– added a new skin
– added a new ending

Sonic Boll 1.8 DEMO Available now!

Download Now! (67MB)

We’ve prepared a public test build of 1.8 so that people can start testing the new characters and making skins for the new format!

[Notable Changes]

– added all missing levels
– added a new C button for special moves
– added new moves to all characters
– added widescreen mode
– added Luigi and Amy
– added a lot of new skinning features, look in the base skin for examples
– added support for custom language files
– added video filters for pretty fullscreen

Official Discord

Hey! We just got a Discord going for the shits. Come say hi.

Sonic Boll 1.7 Available Now!

Download Now! (134MB)
(alternate link)

Change Log

* Sonic Boll Classic v1.7.0 - Changes since v1.6.2 *

[Known Issues]

- disconnecting gamepads makes the game sluggish
- you can't change screen mode while the game is paused
- you can't pause with gamepads
- skipping replays causes desyncs with ingame death or different lives number
- trying to skip the last stage in a replay crashes the game


* added a better font
* added worlds 3, 4, 5 and 6
* added more Mario animations and poses
* added swimming Tails sprites by Valo
* added parallax factor options to skin backgrounds
* added different music for beating a castle
* added optional athletic stage music (X-3 stages)
* added two easter eggs
* added a new multiplayer results screen
* added a final results screen with a graph
* added a replay preview and choose screen
* added pipe and victory sprites for everyone
* added a separate small castle to the master sheet
* added coin glitter and kick particles
* added the ability to use animated brick sprites
* added credits information to skin data
* added better tiling for coin heaven and water tiles
* fixed palette and positioning issues on the base skins
* changed powerup sfx to be optional and part of the world skin
* changed energy diamonds to blue to avoid confusion

[Bugs fixed]

* fixed a bug with the mouse cursor when pointing at the world skin box
* fixed a bug with hurry up jingle and background changes
* fixed an oversight with hurry up jingle length causing silent music
* fixed Mario's horizontal water acceleration being reversed
* fixed Knuckles getting up and spindashing on accident
* fixed issues with the castle camera near the axe
* fixed moving platform placement in all levels
* fixed purple and glitchy lines appearing ingame
* fixed ground pound invincibility frames
* fixed ground pound breaking bricks too fast
* fixed an out of bounds bug with pit death in 4-2 after warp in multiplayer
* fixed pulley platform collision issues
* fixed the score values of some enemies
* fixed numerous multiplayer respawn bugs related to time-up death
* fixed castle brick particles
* fixed issues with player-thrown fireballs
* fixed item drops going through blocks
* fixed camera shaking while standing on moving platforms
* fixed knuckles not climbing moving platforms
* fixed a bug when spinning into knuckles' fireballs
* fixed warp zones, "world v-e" bug and added warp zone and hud text to skin
* fixed the pause screen making the game unresponsive
* fixed a bug with wall ejection causing players to get stuck
* fixed a bug where fire flowers gave two powerups in single player
* fixed checkpoint placement in all levels
* fixed a rare bug when being hit by a block bump while going through a pipe
* fixed a rare bug when being killed while climbing a vine
* fixed a crash related to attract mode loading when there are no replays
* fixed tails flight energy exploit in water levels
* fixed players hitting blocks during knockback trajectory
* fixed being able to confirm certain screens more than once, causing bugs
* fixed several problems with safe respawn coordinate calculation
* fixed dropped items not responding to moving platforms or wall collisions
* fixed difficulties when rolling on blocks to hit them
* fixed an issue with hat-stomping enemies and then getting hit
* fixed an old collision bug with ground pound on boxes
* fixed map skins loading too slowly on stage selection
* fixed window alignment in multiplayer games
* fixed an oversight with fireball despawning range
* fixed a bug related to holding keyboard keys during stage start
* fixed a crash related to koopas and beetles waking up
* fixed sounds sometimes missing when playing with skins
* fixed a crash when playing a second game with less players than last time
* fixed a minor bug with the window closing animation
* fixed the 3 player scoring screen not fitting the display correctly
* fixed random events not being identical during movie playback
* fixed collision with flying cheeps and bullet bills
* fixed several enemies' death animations

[Code and Design]

* added Mecha Sonic as a playable character
* added option to click the same character again to cycle skins
* added right mouse click as the keyboard cursor's b button
* added b button to choose skins in reverse when pointing at the box
* added spin jump (up+jump) and twirl (air jump) to Mario
* added a cpu bot (only for Mecha Sonic)
* added invincibility when leaving the coin heaven in multiplayer
* added the ability to cancel a ground pound by pressing up
* added a new punch move to Knuckles
* added massive improvements to the Mecha Sonic AI compared to 1.1.9
* added Hammer Bros.
* added stage selection modes
* added some attack power to mini tails and knuckles flying
* added Lakitu and Spinies
* changed water to feel less thicc
* changed collision engine to something noticeably faster
* changed fake bowser to get hit by fireballs and attacks
* changed frags to count landed hits and not kills
* changed multiplayer death to drop more coins
* changed multiplayer coin drops so you can collect while they're bouncing
* changed respawn and flashing times in multiplayer
* changed item drops to fall down from the coin heaven
* changed intermission screen with useful tas controls when recording
* changed vine climbing so you can control it to an extent
* changed the way enemies stop offscreen to prevent weird teleporting
* changed knuckles' gliding to be more smooth and enjoyable
* changed Mecha Sonic a lot to be fair against the current roster
* changed some mario movement parameters for consistency and fluidity
* changed Mario to shrink when hit instead of receiving knockback
* changed attack power levels for more balanced multiplayer fights
* changed vertical platforms to move more accurately
* changed multiplayer item drops to be collectible only when not flashing
* Changed most screens to be more intuitive

[Engine Technology]

* added technology to skip entire stages while watching replays
* added attract mode when idling on the title screen picked from your replays
* changed to FMODex for sound effects to solve problems and add features
* changed input handling entirely to make controllers easier to use
* changed replay format to reduce chance of future issues and improve syncing
* changed screen handling for better pixel aspect and also fixing intel blur
* changed F11 to cycle between fullscreen, x1 and x2 window modes
* changed alt-enter to cycle between fullscreen and current window mode
* removed movie compression for faster loading and saving

Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.2 is here!

Download Sonic Boll Classic 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1 had a few bugs, so we are releasing 1.6.2 instead!


* Changes since v1.6.0 *


* added new icon
* added worlds 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4
* added 20 skins to the bundle!
* added a selection sound to player skins
* added a boss music slot to world skins
* added a skin sheet with the shield sprites
* added smoke and score pings to master sheet
* added new flag sfx and character fireball sfx
* added missing visual effects
* added fireworks!
* fixed master sheet palette
* fixed some animation alignment and speed inconsistencies
* updated player spritesheets with more frames and fireball sprites
* updated volume of score counting sound

[Bugs fixed]

* fixed missing sound effects
* fixed invisible enemies
* fixed new screenshots overwriting previous ones
* fixed a couple of joystick bugs
* fixed numerous skin system bugs
* fixed very slow music loading at game start
* fixed music conflicts during stage ending and pipe sequences
* fixed high memory usage
* fixed slowness on world 1-2
* fixed a couple of crash situations related to pausing
* fixed some error messages caused by missing content
* fixed object properties and placement errors on some stages
* fixed stage restarting on battle mode timeout
* fixed broken beanstalk sequence and coin heaven
* fixed some time counting bugs
* fixed collision on the underside of moving platforms

[Code and Design]

* added ability to use the same character in different skins in multiplayer
* added a new stage select screen with more options
* added a new split screen for battle mode results, with battle points
* added fireballs to all characters
* added ability to define sub-skins to be loaded in specific stages
* added point combo sequence to star power
* updated flag time counting and stage ending sequence to finish faster
* added another battle contest to avoid ties
* updated character abilities to make the game more balanced
* updated water physics

[Engine Technology]

* added tas movie recording and playback
* added a neat window closing animation